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So you started the biz, got some clients, & are finally doing what YOU want to do with your life - CONGRATS!

What you’re probably realizing, is that this whole “business” thing looks different than what the typical, normal business looks like.


You don’t have a storefront. Chances are, you probably don’t even have a physical product.


You’re in the online space. Maybe you’re a coach or consultant. Maybe you’re an author. Maybe you’re both.


So now you realize you also need to be a marketer. & a salesman. You need to attract clients.


& you need to attract the RIGHT ones.


(We all know what it’s like to work with someone who is less than ideal for your business - let’s stop that k)

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It’s time for growth. You’re ready for it.

You’ve got your foundation in place & now it’s time to go-go-go!


The podcasting industry has been around for a long time now. They’re definitely mainstream. Your Uncle Steve who is pretty disconnected from the world typically - now listens to them regularly, & so do most other people you know.


What most people don’t realize, is that podcasts aren’t just cool interview platforms.


Being a guest on podcasts as an entrepreneur, author, Coach, or consultant, doesn’t just mean you get to have a cool conversation about what you’re doing.


First of all, you’re instantly positioned as an expert in your field (you’ve gotta walk the walk, tho)


Being a guest on podcasts means you’ll be essentially creating an internet billboard, that NEVER goes away. This billboard sells FOR you, BY you, because once the episode airs, it never stops being live.

Ryan Stewman, Hardcore Closer


Every week this year I've been interviewed on at least 3 different podcasts. I've hosted and been on 400+ podcasts. I'm probably one of the most interviewed people on iTunes, but I don't have time to crunch numbers!

Anyway, I used to book all the podcasts myself. I would reach out, sell myself, get on etc. Then I met Courtney! For the last 6-7 months, she's booked me 3-4 weekly interviews like clockwork.

If you own a business, have a cool story, or have a message you want to spread, hit her up. She's the best podcast PR person I've ever had help me. She didn't pay me to say this either. I pay her and she does her job so damn well I want to help her and you at the same time. 

Also, thank you, Courtney, for all the interviews. Some of my best advertising comes from the shows you book me on.

Some incredible benefits of being featured on podcasts include large amounts of organic online traffic sent to whatever venture you are currently working on, be it a book, brand, or business. By being placed on podcasts whose audiences are in alignment with your message, who are not only interested in what you have to say, but NEED what you have to offer - you can make the most of your launch, mission, & investment of time and money.

Stephanie Kato


Courtney Blair contacted me exactly when I wanted to start doing podcast interviews. I had never listened to one, much less have any idea how I would go about finding a podcaster to interview me.

The very next day, Courtney reached out to me and asked if I would like her to find me podcast interviews! The timing was so perfect I knew it would be a good fit. Actually it was a great fit! The interviews she found me were spot on.

Her professionalism and customer service is top notch. If you want to explore the world of podcasting and need a liason, Courtney Blair is the only one you want to work with. I highly recommend her. Thanks Courtney.

Client acquisition is another obvious benefit from being featured on podcasts. When you're interviewed about your story and your business in front of the right people, all you need to do is tell your story, what you're working on, and what your goals are ; it will lead them to self evaluate & realize they need you.

Ian Dunlap


Absolutely amazing.

Courtney is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with and has never dropped the ball and has booked me for some of my best interviews. I wish I would have found out about her and Zippy Content 3 years ago.

SEO is another magical benefit from podcast interviews. If you make appearances on enough shows, your links will be circulated throughout the networks of experts in their fields, which will tell search engines that you're reputable. Including this effort, with adding the interviews to your own website - & you've got an SEO dream.

Marcedes Fuller


Courtney is the epitome of media relations and booking professionals. To me, she is a “Rock Star of PR.” Within days, her efforts and strategic practices helped advance my brand. Courtney was responsible for solidifying quality bookings and appearances with reputable shows hosted by innovators, leaders, and forward-thinkers.

I believe there are great things that stem from collaboration with Courtney; I look forward to continuing my work with her. It is my earnest recommendation that anyone that has an opportunity to work with Courtney takes full advantage.

My team encapsulates the idea of relationship building. Our network of podcasters, that we communicate with regularly, & we've placed guests on their shows, is at 800 and climbing. We don't just find people interviews on podcasts, we orchestrate the entire process from confirmation through the booking and recording process. Our podcasters love us, because we have simplified their guest placement process so immensely.

The emails I read, between my team and the podcasters in our network, are incredibly upbeat & positive. Our podcasters look forward to our guest suggestions every single day, & compliment us on our ability to see alignment between their audiences & our clients regularly.

We are also a team of work at home moms. I have had relationships with each of my team members for decades, we are a family - & we look at our clients & network accordingly.

We are here for you every single step of the way, & will do everything in our power to ensure the success of your podcast interviews & the efforts put forth from your end.