Hi, I'm Courtney Blair,
the Founder and CEO of Zippy Content!


My favorite part about orchestrating podcast tours is creating powerful business partnerships!

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Courtney Blair, Founder/Owner of Zippy Content, started her business out of necessity and willingness by the universe.

When she was pregnant, desperate for work and unable to find it (people don’t like to hire pregnant women when they know they’ll soon need a couple of paid months off for maternity leave); she began contacting anyone and everyone she knew for work she could do from home. Lo-and-behold, someone had something for her to do. It was her dad. He had his own online business in the psychology realm, and he wanted to be featured on podcasts.

Fast forward 4 years, and Zippy Content was born. We represent almost 100 entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, consultants, and just all around badasses from across the globe, and find them interviews with the COOLEST PODCASTERS ON EARTH.

She has faced and overcome challenges that most wouldn’t dream of, and has entered a time of synchronicity and harmony in her life.

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Meet the Zippy Content Team!

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Sam Orozco

Operations Manager

Sam is our genius of operations. She has an eye for optimization and organization like no one else. From orchestrating entire tours to reaching out to the biggest shows out there, she excels. In her spare time, she loves playing violin, painting, and pushing her creativity to new limits.