Alijah Morton, Musician & Producer

Alijah is a Musician, Producer, and a Visionary. As a naturally gifted piano player since childhood, he went on to attend and graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona where he briefly worked with Eninem’s brother for an internship.

Alijah grew up witnessing more than just physical violence. He grew up as the oldest child of one of Detroit’s biggest drug dealers of the time and was taught that you HAD to be tough or lose your life. He always knew he didn’t want to follow his father’s path and the “negative” karma that was surrounding him. These events, however, only had power as long as Alijah allowed them to; which he realized shortly after his father’s murder.

Alijah’s hunger for spiritual study began when he was training to be a Religious Program Specialist for the U.S. Navy. He studies took off after he watched “The Secret” and he discovered an AHA moment; new found confidence began to melt away the effects of childhood trauma. He was later mentored by Rebecca Manns then hailed as the best fortune teller of Detroit.

Alijah is driven by his passion for helping people transform themselves which he does in a variety of ways; producing music for “meditation that bathes the soul”, aura & body cleansing techniques that release emotional trauma, allowing individuals to embrace their negative emotions, provide guidance on how to avoid spiritual sabotage while “creating a new you”, and provide insight into relationships.