Christine Michelle Hayes – Manifestation Success Coach

Christine Michelle Hayes is the Founder and Creator of The AlignedSoul Collective and Society, a Manifestation Success Coach, and Mindset Mentor. She has 20+ years of Marketing & Business Executive experience in 2 of the Worlds Most Recognized Brands. She effortlessly combines WOO Spiritual and Business Practical Tools to help guide amazing high performing women to stand up and step into what they desire and help them actually HAVE IT ALL.

Christine says: “Helping women be more of who they truly are and create lives they are in love with IS MY JAM!! I empower, encourage, inspire. I uplift and shine a light helping you come to those AH-HA moments of clarity.
For the last 20 years I have mentored and coached clients, friends, family, direct reports, and mentees UPLIFTING them and REMINDING them everything that they already know inside – that they can DO, BE & HAVE ANYTHING they desire.

I live my life from my heart and lead with love. I create pieces with the thoughts intention of bringing value and beauty into your life because why not learn and grow while looking at something incredibly beautiful?”

Lately Christine has been helping a lot of women step out of their Corporate Non Entrepreneurial Jobs and into their Dream Businesses. She has also been helping women who are new to entrepreneurship to adjust, shift and grow.

Christine’s goal in live is to help 1MM women stand up and step into lives they love by manifesting EXACTLY what they have always desired but thought they never could. She is driven by her passion for energy, vibration, and the law of attraction. She learned that life could be so much worse after bearing through the effects of Hurricane Katrina with her family is determined to see positivity in any situation!

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