Erik Stark, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Erik Stark is an Expert Real Estate Entrepreneur, Educator, Marketer, Ubercool Dad and Dedicated Husband of 13+ Years.
Erik has purchased hundreds of properties, created masterful marketing pieces, shared the stage with the top real estate and personal development educators, helped thousands of people improve their lives and continues to pour his life into people, friendships, disciplines, breakthroughs and growth.
Erik was featured on Fortune Builders Mastery as an honorary student, doing several case studies on assignments, flips and rehabs. He was a Coach for Preston Elys REO Rockstar program and a BETA tester for Freedomsoft Real Estate software. He is also Co creator and Co founder of The Drunk Letter and SmartSell Property Selling System.

Erik’s accomplishments:

• Assigned his first deal at age 24
• Purchased over 400+ properties since including single and multi family, apartments, commercial, vacant land and developments
• Raised millions of dollars in private capital for acquisitions
• Studied and created some of the industries greatest marketing pieces
• Helped dozens of investors do their first deal
• Invested over $150,000 into his education
• Has spent well over 10,000 hours in the field of real estate acquisition, finance, negotiation, management and development
• Coached for several top real estate educators
• Created unique operating platforms the deliver consistent, dependable results Featured as the “underground expert” in numerous online communities
• Turned his house flipping hobby into a brick and mortar company with his business partner Steven Mills by age 26
• Acquired $1,000,000 in real estate by age 30
• Runs a local young professional men’s ministry near his home in South Florida
• Active member of the community supporting Habitat for Humanity, Sheridan House Ministry and Homeless Voice
• Committed man of 13+ years to his lovely wife who supports his sacrifice, breakthroughs, appreciation for great living and constant and never ending improvement of life.

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