Ryan Stewman, Hardcore Closer


Ryan is best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales through the use of strong marketing and advertising. With his no BS, ‘take action’ approach, Ryan has been able to help high income and high net worth performers make adjustments in their businesses that unleash windfall profits. In the day and age of sales trainers advertising their success by bragging about the private jets and expensive cars they’ve been able to purchase themselves, Ryan prefers to brag about the mansions and exotic cars his clients have been able to purchase through the utilization of his teachings. His programs have propelled numerous clients from 5 and 6 figure incomes to 7 figure a year earners, and he has a new group he’s working on each year in his top tier program “The Tribe”.

It doesn't matter if you are selling cars, homes, financial services or consulting, Ryan’s sales mastery can help you generate higher quality leads, increase your closing ratios, and show you how to charge premium fees for the items you sell.

Seth Weinstein, Emergent Technology Specialist


Seth is a young, innovative thinker with a passion for creating digital solutions that demand success. Growing up with a professional stand-up comedian father and a teacher mother, Seth’s thirst for joy and knowledge collide into a unique opportunity to help business owners find the best version of their business through strategy, design, nd development. His unique ability to bring your business to life includes implementing an unwavering brand strategy and sharp online presence.

A adventurer at heart, Seth will uncover the hidden gem of your business - the gem that will glimmer and shine with the right opportunity.

Trevor Crane, Writing Coach


Trevor Crane is a ten time #1 international bestselling author and the founder of Bestseller Big Business Publishing. He is the also host of the GreatnessQuest.com podcast and the founder of TheGreatnessNetwork.com. Trevor’s mission is to help people take their LIFE and their BUSINESS to the next level – no matter how successful they already are.

Since 2003, Trevor has been a trusted business adviser, coach and mentor. He is president of Stepup Strategies, Inc. and together with his team, they help companies outperform, outsell, and outlast the competition through systemic and strategic consulting, coaching, training, marketing and support. He helps his clients generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in bottomline profits.

Trevor leads mentoring and mastermind programs for service based professionals and entrepreneurs with his wife, Robyn Crane.

Trevor is also a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. His unique commonsense approach, along with his humor, wit, and infectious energy, allows him to connect with any audience.

Peter Aquart, Real Estate Investment Advisor

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Peter is the COO and co-founder of American Wealth Builders (AWB), a national Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company. AWB’s mission is focused on providing passive, cash-flowing real estate investments that are accessible to, and viable for, any level of investor. With a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from UPenn, it is no surprise he is energized by configuring systems and streamlining operations, as well as a total efficiency junkie. His true passion lies in building. He is a builder of businesses and an entrepreneur to the core, owning and operating over 15 businesses since the age of 13. He is a builder of systems, designing and implementing an entire software system for turnkey real estate investing.

Whether building connections or tinkering with mechanicals, he is happiest seeing foundations of hard work and collaboration grow into meaningful productions. A true Floridian, you can find him most weekends on the boat making deals and enjoying the lifestyle only South Florida has to offer. Check out Peter’s Podcast and AWB’s YouTube Channel to learn more.