Hilary Jastram, Writing Coach

Hilary is the editor to Ryan Stewman as well as for other multiple successful and high-producing entrepreneurs. She was also editor at The Good Men Project, blogger for the Huffington Post, and writing for The Might and Influencive, among other publications.

Hilary Says: “I am one of the lucky ones. I discovered optimism after believing I was destined for failure and exclusion. When I got sick, I was forced into entrepreneurship and despite the little issue of illness, it was the best thing that happened to me. It allowed me to take a “no excuses” approach and to settle for nothing less than the results I wanted. I astounded myself with my drive and beat my father’s legacy of having failed in-numerous times at entrepreneurship.

I now know that I was put on this earth to help other people rediscover their inner beliefs that will unlock their every potential. I receive so much satisfaction from helping people to tell their stories as their editor, and giving their messages a big push out into the world. I receive so much joy from writing and flexing my creative muscle every day. I pour these thoughts into my writing and use that platform to reach people and give them the tools they need to unblock their channels to success.

I am fortunate and grateful for all the passion I possess to support entrepreneurs in multiple capacities and with the inception of Sick Biz, I know that I can help entrepreneurs who are chronically ill and disabled. Being able to offer this assistance through a non-profit organization defines my purpose and fills me with incredible joy. I can take my education and experience and apply it to improve lives. There is no other feeling that even compares.

As the mission grows, I would suspect I will learn even more about my purpose and what more I can do to help people, and I will remain open to further understanding the roles I am supposed to fill.

While operating Sick Biz, I maintain a thriving copywriting, editing and book editing company that has increased my network to include some of the most optimistic and motivational thinkers and the most successful coaches I have ever met. My business runs solely on referrals and has afforded me the success for which I dreamed. When you are so happy in your endeavors, a natural inclination exists to pay it forward so others might find their own brand of success and bliss.”

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