Kelly Dawn – Witch and Energy Worker

Kelly Dawn is a Witch, intuitive reader, energy worker, and metaphysical teacher who has been practicing magick and exploring spirituality for over 25 years.

After overcoming addictions, eating disorders, and severe depression, Kelly learned how to weave spirituality into her daily life, improve her mindset, and shift her energy to create the life she wanted.

Kelly’s a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, Holistic Life Coach, author of Awaken Your Inner Witch: How to Create a Wickedly Good Life You Love, and a lifelong lover of all things spiritual. Her writing has been in YFS Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Lifehack, and SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine.

Today she works with clients from all over the world, helping them connect deeper to their own truth, enhance their intuitive abilities, and break through their limitations so they can manifest what they desire in their life and business.

Kelly’s expertise in Law of Attraction, Mindset, Manifesting, Intuition, Magick, Communication with Spirits and Raising Your Vibration would be an incredible interview for you and your audience. She is interested in sharing her story about how connecting to her own spiritual path has helped her overcome obstacles.

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