Peter Aquart

Peter is the COO and co-founder of American Wealth Builders (AWB), a national Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company. AWB’s mission is focused on providing passive, cash-flowing real estate investments that are accessible to, and viable for, any level of investor. With a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from UPenn, it is no surprise he is energized by configuring systems and streamlining operations, as well as a total efficiency junkie. His true passion lies in building. He is a builder of businesses and an entrepreneur to the core, owning and operating over 15 businesses since the age of 13. He is a builder of systems, designing and implementing an entire software system for turnkey real estate investing. Whether building connections or tinkering with mechanicals, he is happiest seeing foundations of hard work and collaboration grow into meaningful productions. A true Floridian, you can find him most weekends on the boat making deals and enjoying the lifestyle only South Florida has to offer. Check out Peter’s Podcast and AWB’s YouTube Channel to learn more.