Ryan Enk – Real Estate Investor

Ryan Enk is the Founder of Columbia Real Estate Investment Club, the author of Rolling Real Estate Formula and owner of an RV rental fleet. He’s also built two million dollar indoor sports arenas in the New Orleans area.

Ryan started his investing journey as a “corporate drone”; selling copiers at Icon Copy Solutions. He left that job in 2007 and today has helped over 100 people live their dreams by earning passive income with real estate. People come to Ryan because he’s already helped multiple people reach six figures in passive income by teaching them how he still invests today.

Ryan wants to bring this value to your audience with his expertise in debt hacking – invest your way out of debt, real estate investing strategies for 2018 & 2019, how to pick a strategy that works for you, and the four principles of overcoming the fear of investing. He is also interested in providing your viewers with an investor’s tool kit containing an ROI calculator.

Ryan offers a valuable and proven process to create passive income streams to your audience and you’re welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to promote his $997 real estate mentorship program for 50% commission per person.

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