Thoughts Become Things

How does your subconscious narrate, or perceive life?

Do you talk to yourself (subconsciously), & take in the world around you, as a tragedy? Comedy? Action/thriller?

When you look to the future, does it seem light? Or dark & gloomy?

We are not regularly taught to monitor the vibes going on in our heads. Most of the time, the subconscious voice is running RAMPANT inside our minds, doing whatever TF it wants without supervision or control.

What happens when we are mindful of the tones of our thoughts?


If you’re narrating your life with the tone of a tragic, miserable story, chances are it’s going to play out that way. If you regularly expect disaster to happen, things seem & are that much more chaotic.

& vice versa!

If you’re playing our your thoughts in positivity & light, those things will surround you. Your subconscious will start to pick out the positivity in any given situation. You will notice more good in the world, it will stick out & it will become YOU.

See, thoughts are like snowballs rolling down a hill.

If they’re heading in a negative direction, the negativity is going to build, & build, & build, until it becomes a sticky, bulky, iron-clad trap, holding you prisoner until you shake up your reality to the core.


Which direction will you be thinking in today? Even if it’s hard, please be positive. POSITIVE. Retrain your brain. Take charge of your subconscious, & take charge of your life.


Author – Courtney Blair, ZippyContent CEO