Trevor Crane, Writing Coach

Trevor is a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. His unique commonsense approach, along with his humor, wit, and infectious energy, allows him to connect with any audience. His mission is to help people take their LIFE and their BUSINESS to the next level—no matter how successful they already are. When you have Trevor speak on your podcast, you can trust that your audience will receive world-class content delivered in a wildly engaging manner that electrifies audiences into fast action. Trevor’s hilarious, high energy interaction is as entertaining as it is educational.

With a relentless focus on RESULTS, Trevor is committed to helping your group to succeed. Interactive Processes are coupled with Comprehensive Material that illustrate every concept he teaches. Audiences get to see real-world examples, translated into templates and guides that participants can customize to their lives and their business. Most of all, Trevor Crane is loaded with passion. Whether he’s speaking in front of an audience or consulting business owners and executives, Trevor gives his heart and soul to help people achieve the results they desire. He transforms the “complicated” into simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps that anyone can apply.

In an industry where most speakers spend all day selling you something rather than training you, Trevor breaks the mold. With a focus on SERVING versus SELLING, Trevor is a Master Trainer who transforms the “complicated” into “SIMPLE AND ACTIONABLE STEPS” that anyone can apply.

Although he speaks on his favorite subjects, he tailors his presentations to provide the most value by ensuring that the content is relevant, informative, entertaining, but most importantly, immediately usable.

In his role as MC, Trevor will capture and motivate audiences by ensuring that the key messages from each session are highlighted and linked with each other and with the theme of the conference, and that conference strategies and desired outcomes are consistently reinforced. The result, is that the organization and speakers look good, while the maximum value is delivered to participants.

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